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5 Beginner Friendly Friendship Bracelets Tutorial

Enjoy making friendship bracelets with your BFF together.

Learning how to make friendship bracelets are simple as can be, especially the most popular bracelet pattern you have probably seen, the chevron pattern. Once you get the hang of how to make them, you will be making them in bulk in no time.

I love making friendship bracelets for my friends and me. If you have been to camp, you have probably seen many other campers wearing them around their wrists or water bottles.

This blog post will show you how to read a bracelet pattern, start and finish your bracelet, and make the chevron, diagonal aka candy stripe, heart, zig-zag and a diamond design.

5 Beginner Friendly Friendship Bracelets Tutorial

How To Read A Pattern

There are thousands of bracelet patterns for you to make. Most of the time, you can YouTube a video on how to make the bracelet you want, but for the more uncommon ones, you most likely will come across a pattern instruction. Don’t panic because they’re pretty simple to read.

First off, there are four types of knots to know, the forward knot, the backward knot, the forward-backward knot, and the backward-forward knot. It sounds a little overwhelming, I know, but I promise you it’s not.

Tip: Always make two knots, don’t pull too tightly, and pull the string upwards.


friendship bracelet pattern

You will see these arrows on all the patterns you come across when making friendship bracelets.

Forward Knot

friendship bracelets
Make a number 4.
friendship bracelets
Loop string around the string beside it. Make sure the string goes through the loop. Pull upward.

Backwards Knot

friendship bracelets
Make a backwards number 4.
friendship bracelets
Loop around the string beside it. Make sure the string goes through the loop. Pull upwards.

The forward-backward and backward-froward knots are combinations of the forward and backwards knots.


Next, you will see the rows. Now, depending on the bracelet pattern and if it’s a repeating pattern, it may only show you eight rows, whereas others have twenty.

Start with the first row and go on to the second row so on and so forth. Then, when you reach the bottom of the pattern, start back at the top and continue until you have your desired length.


1- knot knot knot -1

2- knot knot knot -2

3- knot knot knot -3

You will also see “ABC…” I ignore looking at it. Instead, I look at the colour string and which one goes with what string.

You don’t need to copy the colours, but layout your colours the way you want them to be and follow the pattern.

Tip: Use a sewing needle to help undo knots.

Starting and Finishing


For me, I like to do two different ways of starting my friendship bracelets. First, the loophole or I knot 12 centimetres away from the end of the embroidery string.

friendship bracelet pattern easy


For all of my friendship bracelets, I always braid the loose string. For the loop, depending on how many strands of string I have, I either like to separate them as evenly as I can and create two braids or one single braid.

Adjustable Square Knot

The adjustable square knot is the best way to finish off your bracelet because it’s adjustable! But, of course, you can make this a bracelet as well.

How to do a square knot: For explanation, I will say the colours in the example.

square knot
square knot
Step 1: Tie the white string down.
square knot
Step 2: Make the letter P with the right side white string. With the left side white string, make sure it’s on top of the right side string. Next, tuck the left string underneath both (right and green) strings and go through the middle of the P.
square knot
Step 3: Pull upwards.
square knot
square knot
Step 4: Repeat the same thing but in the opposite direction. Keep going to the length you desire if you are making a bracelet, six times if you use it as an adjustable knot (three times on each side).
square knot

Now on to the fun part of making the friendship bracelets!


The chevron pattern is most likely the first pattern you will learn because it’s the most straightforward bracelet to make, and you can use as many coloured strings as you wish.

My bracelet example uses five different coloured strings.

chevron friendship bracelets
chevron friendship bracelets
Step 1: Separate your string into the colour order you would like and make sure you mirror the exact coloured string on the other side.
chevron friendship bracelets
Step 2: On the left side, take the first string on the outside and make a forward knot – keep doing this until you reach the middle.
chevron friendship bracelets
Step 3: On the right side, take the first string on the outside and make a backwards knot – keep doing this until you reach the middle.
chevron friendship bracelets
Step 4: Once you reached the middle, take the left side string and make a forward knot.
chevron friendship bracelets

There you go! It may look a little odd at the beginning, and that’s normal. Keep repeating the same steps with the following coloured strings until you have reached the length you want.

Diagonal aka “Candy Stripe

Another super easy pattern to learn is diagonal, aka “candy stripe.” Again, this bracelet can have as many colours of strings as you want.

My bracelet example uses four different coloured strings.

candy stripe friendship bracelets
candy stripe friendship bracelets
Step 1: Separate the string in the colour order you will like.
candy stripe friendship bracelets
Step 2: Start from the left and make a forward knot to the last string. Leave a small gap as you go down the line for the first row only. That way, it will start you off for the string to go diagonal.
candy stripe friendship bracelets
Step 3: Repeat until you have the length you want and finish it off! is my favourite place to look up patterns. They have hundreds of bracelet patterns to choose from, ranging from using four strings to sixty-six strings!


This pattern only uses four-string and has forward and backward knots making it a great starter for beginners.

friendship bracelets

The zig-zag pattern on is #41944.


The heart pattern looks intimidating, but it’s an excellent stepping stone for beginners to move forward to a little more complex bracelet pattern.

heart friendship bracelet

The heart pattern on is #1112.


The diamond pattern has many rows to work with, but it’s relatively easy to do. The majority of the pattern is forward and backwards knots, with some forward-backward and backward-forwards knots. However, it looks beautiful when you finish!

diamond friendship bracelet pattern

The diamond pattern on is #81658.

Conclusion: 5 Beginner Friendly Friendship Bracelets Tutorial

Now that you know the basics of making friendship bracelets go crazy and make a whole bunch! Have fun making them!

Have a good day 🙂