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Hello, my name is Kelena I am a travel blogger from Vancouver, Canada!

Growing up, I was always the type of kid actively running around, playing and exploring my backyard. But, as I got older, I wanted to expand my backyard to travel to other places around the world.

Whenever I travelled, I would come home and share my experiences with my family and friends. I would always mention places they had to go or see if they ever travelled to the same place.

An idea came to my mind that somehow I would love to create something that they could read when the time came for them to travel, or if I was constantly travelling, they could keep up with where I was.

I kept that idea in the back of my mind for a long time because I never went through with it and didn’t know how to create that idea.

One day, I was in a rut of not knowing what to do with my life when I got a lightbulb moment of “OMG, why don’t I create a blog!” At first, I had no sense of which direction I wanted to go with my blog, so it was about everything but the kitchen sink.

But in the end, I decided to stick to something I love: exploring and travelling. And ta-da! My travel blog was born!

Sharing information and experiences is something I love doing after I have come home from my travels. Creating my travel blog allows me to share everything with you and others worldwide.

Why I Blog

⭐ I want to help share information on Canadian locations for curious travellers.

⭐ Also to help share experiences/personal experiences for others to enjoy.

⭐ To also help you navigate to other places outside of Canada.

My main focus is to help you navigate Vancouver, British Columbia, and the rest of Canada. Also, to help you with everything you need to know when you are travelling to Canada.

Where I Have Travelled To So Far

📍 Canada – Vancouver (aka home), Toronto

📍 USA – Hawaii (Island of Hawai’i aka The Big Island x2, Oahu), New York, California, Nevada, Washington State (Seattle), Oregon

📍 Mexico – Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta x2

📍 Indonesia – Bali (Ubud, Gili Meno, Munduk, Seminyak)

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Thank you for joining me on my travelling journey!

Have a good day 🙂