Storm Watching In Ucluelet: Everything You Need To Know disclaimer & privacy policy

Are you looking for information about storm watching in Ucluelet? Do not worry; I got you covered!

I have been to Ucluelet during a small rain/wet snowstorm, but it was nothing compared to the regular storm season.

Ucluelet is the perfect place to go storm-watching, with some of the most impressive displays of Mother Nature’s fury. So storm watching in Ucluelet will not disappoint.

I will break down everything you need to know about storm watching in this beautiful coastal town – from what to expect when storm watching, where to go and how best to prepare for your storm-watching adventure and more.

Why Do Storms Happen In Ucluelet

Storms often happen in Ucluelet because of the Aleutian Low (pronounced uh-loo-shuhn-loh) system from the Gulf of Alaska (near the Aleutian Islands).

In addition, there are no significant land masses in between to break up the low-pressure system that occurs when storms are created. Thus, Ucluelet at other locations, such as Tofino, gets hit by massive storms.

Best Time To Visit Ucluelet For Storm Watching

Everything you need to know about strom watching Ucluelet to feel more prepared

The best time to visit Ucluelet for storm watching is November to March. During the winter, it is usually less tourist crazy in Ucluelet. Also, prices for a hotel stay are lower than if you were to visit during the high seasons.

Suppose you want to see the most powerful and massive waves or feel the gale-force winds. Wintertime (December to February) will have the most to show.


It is always better to be safe than sorry if you plan to head to locations where the waves are crashing against the rocks, and the wind is howling. So always use extra caution when exploring areas.

The coast and the beaches all have large rocks. The waves will be crashing against them. Also, they will be extremely slippery to walk on when wet. I highly recommend not walking too close to the rocks.

What To Wear & Bring

Here are some items bring and things to wear to a storm watch in Ucluelet.


First and foremost, you will need to pack a raincoat. Of course, bring extra warm sweaters or a hoodie and layer under the raincoat.

I suggest wearing a long raincoat as it will also have more surface area to protect part of your legs.

Rain Boots or Waterproof Shoes

Secondly, you cannot forget about rain boots. Long rain boots or ankle boots, it is up to you! If you plan on heading down to the beach, I recommend wearing long rain boots because water can somehow find a way into your boots.

Hiking boots are another idea if you do not own any rain boots. Be sure to also bring a change of socks, just in case!

Waterproof Pants

Next is optional but waterproof pants. The last thing you want is to have soaking wet pants. Also, another thing you can do is wear thermal tights underneath your waterproof pants. It will keep you extra warm!

If you do not own waterproof pants, the next option could be Dri Fit pants. However, it may not keep you as warm, but if you get splashed by water, it will not be soaking wet for hours like jeans.


Again another optional but smart thing to pack is gloves. Storm watching in Ucluelet is during winter, so it will be colder depending on which month you choose to visit.


A toque (for my fellow non-Canadians, a beanie) to wear underneath your raincoat hood is another way to keep yourself warm because you lose most of your heat from your head.

Where To Watch Storms In Ucluelet 

Here are some locations to watch storms in Ucluelet.

Wickaninnish Beach

A 15-minute drive along the highway is one of the famous beaches close to Ucluelet, Wickaninnish Beach. Many locals and tourists love to surf at Wickaninnish Beach, and there are big swells occur during storms.

When I went to Wickaninnish Beach, it was a cloudy day, and it started drizzling. So there were taller waves than usual. But you can imagine how much bigger they would be during a storm.

Beachcombing at Wickaninnish Beach is also another popular thing to do after a storm has passed.

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse is an excellent spot for storm watching in Ucluelet

One of the best things to do in Ucluelet is to visit the Amphitrite Point Lighthouse Loop. It is at the tip of Ucluelet, meaning no significant land masses are in the way.

You are bound to see massive waves hitting the large rocks, making it one of the best spots to go storm watching in Ucluelet.

You are further from the ocean’s edge, but you can still marvel at the crashing waves from a distance. The path on either side can give you different points of view of the ocean.

However, always use precaution if you decide to walk along the trail or want to be in the area during a storm.

Other Storm Watching Locations

These are a couple of other popular locations to watch a storm. However, they are outside of the main town of Ucluelet. But still worth it if you are only staying in Ucluelet.

Cox Bay Beach

A 30-minute drive from Ucluelet, another popular beach location close to Tofino is Cox Bay Beach, one of the smaller beaches in the area.

The crescent-shaped beach brings in big swells throughout the year, and surfers who want to try to tackle the massive waves.

Chesterman Beach (Tofino)

Chesterman Beach is one of the best beaches when you visit Ucluelet
A lucky sunny day when we explored Chesterman Beach

Chesterman Beach was among my top three favourite beaches when I travelled to Ucluelet and Tofino. It is right above Cox Bay Beach and is in the shape of an M or a backwards check mark.

Many locals love bringing their dogs to Chesterman Beach, as many were running around while we were there.

We went on a sunny day, so the waves were much smaller. But during storm season, the waves are much more significant. Hench why, along the edge of Chesterman Beach, has hotels for storm watching in Tofino, making it an excellent spot to watch a storm.

Indoor Ideas For Storm Watching

Not everyone will want to go outside during a storm, which is understandable. However, planning activities inside while storming outside could also be fun.

Packing cards, board games, or even a good book can help you pass some time away. Brewing coffee, tea or hot chocolate and cozying up by the fireplace is also a comfortable way of passing the storm.

Where To Eat In Ucluelet During A Storm 

Are you looking for somewhere to eat during a storm? These two locations both have great food.

Currents Restaurant

Currents Restaurant is located inside the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort. It has the perfect view for watching storms or sunsets. They have various options from a selectable size menu, for example, pasta, seafood, burgers or ribeye.

It is on the fancier dining side, and you may have to make a reservation in advance if you are dining with a large group. But this is the best view you can get dining at a restaurant in Ucluelet.

Shipwreck Pizza

Our first meal when we went to Ucluelet was at Shipwreck Pizza. It is a popular small pub-like spot. I love pizza and thoroughly enjoyed their pizza — fresh ingredients, made-to-order, and friendly staff.

From sitting in the restaurant, I observed that most locals liked having their pizza delivered or calling for takeout because there were few seating options. So, if you are looking for take-out pizza, Shipwreck Pizza is the spot!

Co-Op Grocery Store

Not looking to sit in or take out; that is okay!

There is only one main grocery store in Ucluelet, the Co-Op Grocery Store. They have pre-made meals and hot items you can dish out if you do not feel like ordering from a restaurant. Remember to buy snacks if you plan to stay indoors during a storm!

Best Ucluelet Storm Watching Hotels

💎 Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

The best Ucluelet storm watching hotel is the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort. The resort sits on a cliff outcrop that is not only stunning but has front-row seats for watching storms.

While it is a beautiful modern granite and glass hotel with the best storm-watching views, the resort is also excellent for couples or families. It also has a small outdoor pool and hot tub.

As mentioned above, the on-site Restaurant, Currents, has a magnificent ocean view.

💎 A Snug Harbour Inn

A Snug Harbour Inn is an adults-only bed and breakfast in Ucluelet. It is in a beautiful spot with private beach access 85 feet below the B&B.

All guests can access the main deck and hot tub, the great room with windows that look out to the ocean. Remember the best part! The innkeepers prepare breakfast for you to enjoy.

How To Get To Ucluelet

There are no direct ferries or flights to get to Ucluelet. You will have to drive to reach Ucluelet. These are the two route options you can take from Vancouver to Ucluelet.

From Vancouver, if you want to take the faster and more convenient route to Ucluelet is from Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver) to Nanaimo. It will cut down your driving time significantly.

The ferry right is approximately an hour and 40 minutes. From there, the drive to Ucluelet will be about two and a half hours.

The second option is a longer route that would feel like a Vancouver Island road trip. From Vancouver, you would take the ferry from Tsawwassen to Victoria. The drive once you reach Victoria will take approximately four hours to get to Ucluelet.

Conclusion: Storm Watching In Ucluelet

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or want to marvel at the power of nature, storm watching in Ucluelet is an incredible experience that will not disappoint. So make sure you bundle up and do not miss out on one of nature’s most spectacular shows!

Have a good day 🙂