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Are you wondering is Seattle worth visiting? I can help you out.

I have travelled to Seattle many times, as my hometown of Vancouver is a few hours away from the Canada and United States border.

Whether you have never been to Seattle before or are looking for something new, the Emerald City is filled with plenty of things to do and see for everyone, whether travelling as a couple, with friends or with family.

This blog post will provide all the information you need to decide if a trip to visit Seattle is right for you as well as things to do and see in the city.

Is Seattle Worth Visiting

Part of Downtown Seattle at ngiht. The waterfront with a large brightly lit up up ferris wheel on the right and the buildings of Downtown on the left with a highway going throug the middle

So, is Seattle worth visiting? Yes!

Seattle is a vibrant city with exciting things to do and see that will make any visit worthwhile. For those looking for an outdoor escape, Seattle offers lush green spaces, mountain views, and plenty of opportunities for activities like hiking, kayaking, and camping.

Wildlife lovers can take advantage of the many local parks and spot some of the city’s native species.

Seattle got the nickname “The Emerald City” because of its lush green surroundings year-round, adjacent to the reason why Washington State moniker “The Evergreen State.”

Furthermore, Seattle is home to a variety of cultural attractions. From art galleries and museums to music venues and theatre performances, as well as being a big coffee scene, there is something for everyone in this dynamic city.

In addition, the food scene in Seattle has a wide range of eateries offering up traditional dishes alongside the ever-popular Seattle classics.

There are many things to do and see in Seattle. Keep reading to discover all the things to do and see, where to stay and more.

16 Things To Do & See In Seattle

While there are many things to do and see in Seattle, here are some suggestions on where to start exploring the city.

Cobblestone streer with buildings in a greenish yellow colour with a large red neon words that says "Public Market Center" and it has a clock on it beside the word market. Then below it is says "Farmers Market" in the same red neon. And four cars parked on the left side and people populating inside the market. Pike Place Public Market is one of the tourist attractions in Seattle.

1. Pike Place Market

Pike Place in Seattle, Washington, is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best of this vibrant cityβ€” a bustling market filled with fresh produce, local vendors, delicious food, and unique shops.

2. The Space Needle

Standing 605 feet tall and proud in the heart of the city, one of the most iconic symbols of Seattle, Washington, is the Space Needle, a must-see attraction destination for anyone visiting the city

The Space Needle in Seattle. 605 feet tall skinny looking building in the middle of the photo surrounded by other buildings.

3. Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

A must-see for any art enthusiast visiting the city of Seattle, the Seattle Are Museum or SAM houses some of the most renowned pieces worldwide, ranging from contemporary artwork to classic masterpieces.

4. Watch Sports Games

Seattle is home to professional league sports: Kraken (National Hockey League), Sounders FC (Major League Soccer), Seahawks (National Football League), and Mariners (Major League Baseball). It is a fantastic atmosphere, especially if any team makes it to playoffs.

Seattle is home to the Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball. A large green space with baseball player on the field and a dirt diamond shape where the players play. Surrounded by a stadium full of fans and the roof is closed. Sometimes it's open during games.

5. Chihuly Garden and Glass

The stunning garden showcases some of Dale Chihuly’s most breathtaking glasswork, with vibrant colours and intricate shapes that will leave you mesmerized.

Display of many mix of orange, yellow, and red combined blown glass imitating growing plants in a garden of green real plants.

6. The Gum Wall

Post Alley has brick-covered walls in chewing gum located under Pike Place Market. Warning: the alley will smell horrible during the summer months.

A bunch of colourful gum stuck to a brick wall and gorund. Is Seattle worth visiting? There are pleanty of reasons and things to do in Seattle.

7. Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is home to over 800 species of marine life, and this vibrant and interactive aquarium offers an immersive experience for both young and old alike.

8. Woodland Park Zoo

This stunning zoo features over 1,000 different species of animals from around the world and offers visitors an up-close look at some of nature’s most incredible creatures.

9. Underground History Tour

The Underground History Tour is a popular guided subterranean walking tour of learning the history of old Seattle’s underground pathways built more than 120 years ago.

➑️ Check Prices & Availability for the Underground History Tour

10. Museum of Pop Culture

Explore the world of music and culture. The Museum of Pop Culture houses an impressive array of artifacts from all genres of popular culture, including rock and roll, science fiction, film, television and more.

11. Discovery Park

The largest city park in Seattle at 534 acres of land. There are many walking trails throughout the park.

12. Starbucks Reserve Seattle Roastery

Learn about the art and science of making different concoctions of coffee at the Starbucks Reserve Seattle Roastery instead of waiting at the first-ever Starbucks.

13. Green Lake

A beloved freshwater lake in an urban neighbourhood that is excellent for boating, swimming, paddleboarding and more.

Sunset photo of a calm lake on a sunny day with trees and houses surrounding it in the distance. Green Lake North of Seattle is an excellent lake to walk around or swim in the summer.

14. Central Library

Β The 11-floor building is something to look at from an architectural standpoint. Open area where people can meet or read, or use the computer lab.

15. Fremont Troll

Take pictures at the popular tourist location, The Fremont Troll. It is a statue of a troll holding a Volkswagon car sculpture under the Aurora Bridge.

16. Dick’s Drive-In

Dick’s Drive-In is a local Seattle fast-food place that started in the 1950s. With five locations across the city, Dick’s simple and affordable menu features iconic burgers, cheeseburgers, hand-cut fries, and shakes.

My boyfriend and I enjoyed the food and were surprised at how efficient the employees were, and now when we go to Seattle, we always have to make a stop.

Cars park and people lining up in front of a old school fast-food local to Seattle called Dick's Drive-In. They sell simple and classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers, fries, and milkshakes.

How Many Days Should I Spend In Seattle?

Suppose you are only visiting Seattle in the central downtown core. You will need about a weekend or three to four days.

In addition, if you plan on experiencing things outside the central city, for example, hiking at major parks, a week or two is your best bet.

When Is The Best Time To Go To Seattle?

The best time to go to Seattle is between May to September. However, that is during peak tourist season, but the weather will be drier and warmer.

If you prefer to travel to Seattle during some rain and budget friendlier, October to April is your better option.

How To Get Around Seattle

In Seattle, you can use the local transit system. For example, you can use the King County Metro Bus in Seattle, Bellevue and Vashon Island.

The Light Rail System is the easiest way to get to and from the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. As well as several stops in neighbourhoods going from North to South Seattle.

If you plan on staying in Seattle for a longer period of time, you will need an ORCA card to use any of the local transit systems in Seattle.

You can purchase the reloadable and reusable card if you stay longer in Seattle. If you plan on buying an ORCA card, it is also inexpensive to purchase at $3.00 USD.

There is also an ORCA app to download too. But I believe you still need a physical ORCA card to register on the app.

How To Get To Seattle From Vancouver, Canada

Whether you are travelling on a Seattle to Vancouver road trip or vice versa, there are a few ways to get to Seattle from Vancouver.


The easiest and fastest way to get to Seattle from Vancouver is by car. Depending on where you are coming from in Vancouver, you will want to make your way to Highway 99 toward Peach Arch (Canada-US border).

From the border, you will drive along Interstate-5 Highway for approximately two hours and 15 minutes toward Seattle.


An Amtrak train travels from Pacific Central Station (located near Science World SkyTrain Station) to Seattle (King Street Station). It is a four-hour and beautiful scenic train ride on a sunny day.


The other option is to take a shuttle from Vancouver to Seattle. However, the trip will take longer because multiple stops will be between picking up and dropping off other passengers.

Where To Stay In Seattle

There are many areas and neighbourhoods to stay in. However, if you want to travel around Seattle by walking or not renting a car, staying near or in Downtown Seattle is your best option.

πŸ’Ž Best Luxury Hotel – Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

βœ… Exceptional Staff
βœ… Excellent Location

The Four Seasons Hotel Seattle is a prime downtown location that perfectly fits within one block of iconic attractions, allowing guests to easily access top tourist destinations. The hotel offers luxury accommodations and amenities, including an outdoor infinity pool, turndown services upon request, a full-service spa, and much more.

βš–οΈ Best Mid-Range Hotel – Hyatt Regency Seattle

βœ… 24-Hour Front Desk
βœ… Fantastic Location

The Hyatt Regency Seattle is a fantastic mid-range choice outside the Belltown neighbourhood. Incredibly convenient for business travellers, the Hyatt Regency is one block from The Conference Center at the Washington State Convention Center and the Seattle Convention Center Arch.

🎯 Best Budget-Friendly Hotel – The Paramount Hotel

βœ… Accommodating Staff
βœ… Clean & Tidy Rooms

For those seeking an affordable stay in Seattle, The Paramount Hotel allows you to enjoy the city without breaking the bank. Situated near the Convention Centers and various tourist spots. Additionally, the hotel is rated for its comfortable beds.

πŸ’‘ Note: Parking in the downtown core of Seattle can be expensive. Parking fees for hotels are all relatively high to use their parking garages.

What Should I Wear In Seattle?

For spring and fall in Seattle, bring a mix of short and long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and a waterproof jacket. Jeans, pants, and comfortable walking shoes or sneakers are good choices for exploring the city. Rainboots would be even better if you own a pair.

It can get quite cold and wet in Seattle during the winter, so layering clothes will be your best friend. Dress warmly with a winter coat, gloves, and a beanie (or, using my Canadian lingo, toque).

Summers in Seattle are generally mild and pleasant. You can wear lighter clothing like T-shirts, shorts, and sundresses. Remember sunglasses, sunscreen, and a light jacket for cooler evenings. Comfortable walking shoes are essential if you plan on exploring the city.

Is Seattle Worth Visiting — FAQs

These are frequently asked questions on whether Seattle is worth visiting.

Is Seattle A Walkable City For Tourists?

Yes! The downtown area of Seattle is walkable for tourists. In addition, many tourist attractions are around the general area, such as some of the locations mentioned above, Pike Place, Seattle Art Museum, and stadiums.

What Is The Most Famous Thing In Seattle?

There is more than just one thing Seattle is famous for. However, Seattle’s most famous and recognizable landmark is The Space Needle.

Seattle also has an eclectic music scene and is known for creating a Grunge genre of rock music. According to, you can hear this type of music in bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Also, another thing Seattle is known for and is famous for is coffee. In case you did not know, Seattle is where the first Starbucks was opened. You can find the first Starbucks opened in front of Pike Place Market.

If you want to go to the first-ever Starbucks, there are a few things to remember. First, it drinks only, and to be quite frank, it tastes like any other Starbucks but with an extra long lineup going out the door.

What Is The Rainy Season In Seattle?

October to March will be the rainy season in Seattle. But December will have the most rain during the year.

Is April A Good Time To Visit Seattle?

I visited Seattle in mid-April; weather-wise, there was rain and sun. However, April is the middle of Spring, so there could be rain on your trip, but remember to pack proper rain gear and check the weather ahead of time.

In addition, fewer tourists were walking around (only in the high tourist attractions areas like Pike Place Market) compared to the Summer. Therefore, April is an excellent time to visit Seattle.

Conclusion: Is Seattle Worth Visiting

Seattle, Washington, is a city full of excitement and adventure for all its visitors. From the iconic Space Needle to the Seattle Art Museum – there is no shortage of things to do and see.

So whether you are looking for a day out with friends or family or want to explore all this beautiful city has to offer, visiting Seattle is worth visiting.

Have a good day πŸ™‚