Chesterman Beach Bed and Breakfast is one of the best hotels for storm watching in Tofino

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Are you looking for the best hotels for storm watching in Tofino? Then, you are in the right place!

Tofino sits on the West side of Vancouver Island. It is exposed to the open Pacific Ocean, and storms often occur, which bring exhilarating thunderous waves and gale-force winds. It is a true sight to see.

Since storm watching is popular in Tofino, many people seek the best hotels to watch while staying cozy. These are the best hotels for storm watching in Tofino, BC.

🥇 Best Hotel For Storm Watching In Tofino

Do not have time to read the whole thing? Long Beach Lodge Resort is the best hotel for storm watching, which sits right on Cox Bay Beach.

Best Hotels For Storm Watching In Tofino

#1 Long Beach Lodge Resort 💎

The best hotel for storm watching in Tofino is the Long Beach Lodge Resort. The high-end boutique hotel is situated at the edge of Cox Bay Beach – the best beach to storm watch from. The 41-room lodge offers various styles of ocean or rainforest views and cottages in the forest.

You can enjoy storm watching from your non-smoking ocean view room on your private balcony with seating, or if you get a ground-level room, you will have a patio with beach access — some rooms, for example, a corner room, may not have a balcony but have big windows that make up for it.

In addition, the resort provides raincoats and umbrellas to guests if you decide to venture out during a storm or if you want to stay cozy inside; bathrobes are provided, but remember to turn on the cast iron fireplace!

#2 Middle Beach Lodge ⚖️

The rustic build of Middle Beach Lodge is on a small cliff outcrop inlet between Middle Beach and Mackenzie Beach. Being in a prime spot for storm watching in Tofino, this 40-acre secluded oceanfront lodge offers rooms with stunning views of the ocean or is surrounded by the tranquillity of the forest.

When choosing a room, suite or cabin on this breathtaking property, you can book with a full or partial ocean view. However, their new addition to the property, treehouses, only has the option of a partial ocean view or forest view.

Almost all rooms have balconies or decks; double-check that you have booked a room with an ocean view!

The best part about Middle Beach Lodge is that everything about this lodge is unique, and almost everything in it or the lodge itself has a story.

Middle Beach Lodge, when it was being built, used recycled materials. For example, the lodge owner wanted to use river rock from the nearby Kennedy River and the stone from the ground that had to be blasted away to make the foundation flat to create a large stone fireplace.

Recycle wood from notable Victoria landmarks was then milled down to create the furniture, such as the bed and side tables, cabinetry, and the dining room harvest tables.

The owner also decorated the lodge with collecting or findings on his trips, such as from Scotland, auctions, or things he found on the beach.

#3 Ocean Village Resort Tofino 💎

Another excellent location to storm watch in Tofino is the Ocean Village Resort. Stunning bee-hive-like shaped cabins are sitting on the edge of Mackenzie Beach. There are two options for ocean-facing cabins, one or two-bedroom cabins or Studio Suites.

The Ocean Village Resort is the only location in Tofino with a heated indoor pool.

The one or two-bedroom cabins all have a propane fireplace, full kitchens, and private bathrooms with full-size bathtubs. They will all be on the beachfront.

The Studio Suites, on the other hand, will have an oceanfront or ocean view (one row back from the beachfront). They are also split into an Upper Suite and a Lower Suite.

Both Upper and Lower Suites have a full kitchen and full-size bathtubs. But regardless, both will have views of the ocean no matter which level you pick.

NOTE: Upper Suites are not dog-friendly.

If you are looking into saving some money, the Garden Suites are situated on the property, further away from the ocean and beach access, but you will have a view of their prize rhododendron garden. This spacious suite is excellent if you are travelling as a family or a group of four.

#4 Chesterman Beach Bed And Breakfast 💎

The first Bed and Breakfast built on the edge of Chesterman Beach in 1984 in Tofino is the Chesterman Beach Bed and Breakfast. Tucked and nestled between spruce and cedar trees, the exclusive location was designed to take full advantage of the beachfront, privacy, and picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean.

Lynda and Todd have been the Chesterman Beach Bed and Breakfast owners since 2003. They go above and beyond to ensure your stay is comfortable and to the utmost excellence.

The incredibly spacious Ocean Breeze Suite is a two-bedroom, private entrance, full kitchen suite. It is on the ground level, so you can access the beach right in front of you. A glassed-in sunroom also gives you a view of the beach and a front-row seat to storm watching without going outside.

Staying at the Chesterman Bed and Breakfast is the best for Tofino storm watching season
Image courtesy of Chesterman Beach Bed and Breakfast

The Lookout Suite comfortably sleeps two people. The suite has a private entrance, kitchenette, and a sundeck that leads to the beach, which is also a front-row seat to storm watching.

The Chesterman Beach B&B is the best place for storm watching in Tofino
Image courtesy of Chesterman Beach Bed and Breakfast
Chesterman Beach Bed and Breakfast is one of the best places to stay in Tofino for storm watching
Image courtesy of Chesterman Beach Bed and Breakfast

Suppose you want to save a little bit of money. The charming Garden Cottage is surrounded by the forest but sits 30 metres from the beach. It is a perfect spot for a small family or a couple that wants privacy. It, however, is self-catering, so breakfast will not be included.

#5 Wickainnish Inn 💎

One of the most notable hotels in Tofino is Wickainnish Inn. The hotel is best known for its fine dining restaurant, the Pointe Restaurant, sophisticated rooms, and an award-winning spa on a small cliffside outcrop at the North end of Chesterman Beach.

There are two buildings on the property called Beach and Pointe Buildings. Beach Building is the one where you will have better views of the ocean. Regardless of which building you pick at Wickainnish Inn, they all have large windows, and the majority look out the ocean, making the room excellent for Tofino storm watching.

#6 Pacific Sands Beach Resort 💎

Pacific Sands Beach Resort in Tofino has suites that are right on the edge of the beach perfect for storm watching
Image courtesy of Pacific Sands Beach Resort

Pacific Sands Beach Resort is an all-suite resort located on Cox Bay Beach. They are also like Wickiannish Inn, one of the more notable places to stay in Tofino, whether for storm watching or not.

They are in the higher price range, but they are located next to the beach, which makes them an excellent place to watch during a storm. In addition, all their suites have a balcony or deck to watch from or beach access right to Cox Bay Beach.

I recommend booking the Beachfront or Lodge suites or Beach Houses; those would give you the best ocean views during a storm. Oceanside suites are close to the ocean; however, the building faces parallel to the ocean, so you would only get a partial view.

#7 Best Western Tin Wis Resort ⚖️

Last but not least, the Best Western Tin Wis Resort. Next door neighbours to the Ocean Village Resort and on Mackenzie Beach, so you know you will get a front-row seat to storm watching. The hotel is not right on the beach’s edge, but you are only a few feet away.

However, all their rooms have balconies or patios that allow you to watch the ocean from a distance and stay dry. For example, a room called Queen Loft has two balconies; talk about maximizing the storm watching potential from different viewpoints!

Tofino Storm Watching – FAQs

Where Can I Watch Storms In Tofino?

The best place you can watch storms in Tofino is the beach! You can watch from any beach in Tofino; however, the best beaches are Chesterman Beach or Cox Bay Beach. These two beach locations are known to have massive waves.

Cox Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in Tofino for storm watching
Cox Bay Beach. Photo from Unsplash By Micah McKerlich

Another beach that you can visit is Wickiannish Beach. I went during a small rainstorm in the daytime, and local surfers were riding the waves during this time. There were some decently big waves, but we did not stick around for long because of the cold.

What Month Is Best For Storm Watching In Tofino?

The best month for storm watching in Tofino is not one month but many months. Therefore, November to March is the best time for storm watching in Tofino.

However, sometimes the months of December, January and February are known to have the most stormy weather because the coast usually has more storms during the winter.

What Is There To Do In Tofino During Storm Season?

There are plenty of things to do during storm seasoning Tofino. You can eat at local restaurants and coffee shops, for example, Tacofino or Rhino Coffee House or explore hikes and trails if it is not raining too hard outside.

If you visit Tofino during March for storm season, you could witness the start of whale watching season.

Conclusion: Best Hotels For Storm Watchin In Tofino

These were the best hotels for storm watching in Tofino. I hope this helped you figure out where you want to stay during a storm. Now, have fun, dress warm, and pack the proper waterproof gear when storm watching in Tofino. Stay safe!

🥇 My Pick For The Best Hotel

My pick for the best hotel for storm watching in Tofino is the Long Beach Lodge Resort.

Have a good day 🙂

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